MyosPaz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading bulk SMS Provider in Pune.With over 70 lacs SMS dilivered MyosPaz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. renouned for its reliable and unintereped service.Unlimited validity of SMSs is another key feature of our service.


We have acheived almost 100% results in delivering messages to target audiances, with our services clients gets its own panel through which they can manage their accounts and check the delivery reports for every message they send.

Promotional and Transactional Messages:

MyosPaz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is best bulk SMS Service provider in PUNE region with clearity in Transactional and Promotional messages.We offer diffrent categories in Transactional as well as in Promotional messages, these messages are categorized in 3 diffrent ways i.e. window of 70-80% dilvery rate, 80-90% dilvery rate , 90-100% dilvery rate . with assured results.
A special guidelines are provided from our team to use these Transactional and Promotional SMS , so that our customers doesn't have any legal problems while dilivering these SMSs.

Free Demo Bulk SMS:

We offer a free demo of our SMSs Service intially to our customers , so that they can trust our services.Customers will get a free account with Transactional messages credited in account to check out our services.

SMS API Provider:

Apart from our services in Transactional and Promotional SMSs , MyosPaz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is also one the leading SMS APIs provider In Pune .