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MyosPaz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. holds uppermost hand in delivering software solutions in education sector with some phenomenal customized Windows , Web and Mobile Applications . Some astonishing ERP's with features like Student Management , Staff Management , Payroll , Attendance Management etc in Windows and Web Applications helped our clients in maintaining records in Simplest , Methodological and Systematic Manner. Mobile Applications with features like online learning through videos , Exam prepration etc lifted growth of Students effortlessly.

Windows Application

Web Application

Mobile Applcation

Windows Based Application

Windows Applications with Student Attendance Management , Regular SMS Alerts for parents about Student Attendance , Student Document Records , Staff Management , Staff Attendance Management integrated with Biometric , Payroll System , Graphical Reports , Rich Modules and Categorized Login as per LAN connectivity has been one of the Dominant Windows Applications offered by MyosPaz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. over the years for Schools , Colleges and Pre- Schools .

Customization and Free Technical Support for any queries make MyosPaz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Application stand out from other ERP's available in market.

Web Based Application

MyosPaz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Web Application comes with features like Online tools for Fee Payment , Student and Parents Login , Staff Login , Employee Login , Administator login to Manage activities of Students for Schools , Colleges and Pre-Schools . Graphical Reports , Rich modules , E-books upload , Online courses and video Tutorials are key attributes provided by MyosPaz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with our Web Applications for Schools and Colleges.

Rich user experience of Application with Cutomization as per the requirements has shown tremedous growth over the years . Free Support for six months is another charachterstic which is appreciated by our clients.

Mobile Application

Applications like Online Video Tutorials and Online Examinations with more than 29,000 active users played important role to grow MyosPaz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in Education sector. Mobile Ki Pathshala and Purple Hat are crucial developments of MyosPaz Technologies Pvt. Ltd..

Mobile ki pathshala is Mobile application for video tutorials for student ranging from 1st to 10th standard with encrypted videos feature. On other hand Purple Hat is Free Android Application for Polytechnic and Engineering Students.

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Customized Software Solutions | Mobile Application Development | Customized ERP | Android Application Development in Pune